Legal Literacy Programme

Legal Literacy Programme was organized on 26th Nov 2015. Mr. Ravi Kazi, Advocate in New Delhi, for legal literacy programme.

Invited to address the students Mrs. Deepanka Arora (PGT Biology), Mrs. Kusum Sharma (PGT Geography), Mrs. Aradhana Dewan (PGT Pol. Sci.), Mrs. Pramod Kunwar (TGT Social Science), Mrs. Anshupriya (TGT Social Science) and 30 students from IX, X and XI class have attended the programme.

Programme started with a short introduction by Mrs. Aradhana Dewan. Then Mr. Ravi Kazi imparted knowledge related to legal literacy, cyber crime and judiciary. He talked about

(A) Cyber Crime – Cyber Crime means any criminal activity in which a computer or network is the source, tool or target or place of crime. The common type of cyber crimes are –
i. Hacking
ii. White Hat Hackers
iii. Black Hat Hacker
iv. Grey Hat Hackers
v. Cyber Stalking
vi. Software Piracy
(B) The Information Technology Act 2000.
i. Tampering with any computer, computer programme, computer system or computer programmer, computer system or computer network.
ii. Hacking with computer system
iii. Penalty for misrepresentation
iv. Publication for Fraudulent purpose.

After Mr. Ravi’s address many students asked questions to him like –
1. What could be the reason why a normal educated person changes into a criminal?
2. ‘We know that tobacco and cigarette smoking is harmful for our health.’ In spite of that why it has not been banned?

Mr. Ravi cleared all the doubts of the students and then distributed questionnaire related to legal awareness to the group of students. Groups have filled the questionnaire form and returned it to Mr. Ravi.

It was beneficial for teachers as well as the students. It was a good and exiting experience for students.

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