Workshop on Drug Abuse

On the 24th of January 2013, a workshop was conducted by Mrs. Deepanka Arora on Drug Abuse to spread Awareness amongst teachers of the drug committee members to educate our students about its ill-effects.

Members of the Drug Awareness Committee are -
Mrs. Kavita Menon
Mrs. Deepanka Arora
Mrs. Geetika Arora
Mrs. Taru Goyal
Mrs. Freeda Francis
Mrs. S. Dash
Mrs. Banumathi
Mrs. Amrit
​Mrs. Ashlesha and
Mrs. J. Anand

The primary goal of conducting the workshop was to educate and enrich the team members about the dangers and negative social implications that are brought about by alcohol and drug abuse. Mrs. Deepanka Arora explained the meaning of Drug, abuse, and it’s addiction to the team members. She presented a power point presentation which was received from the DOE that included how detrimental alcohol and drug abuse can be to a person’s health and social existence.
She also spoke about the facts, myths, risks associated with the high consumption of drugs.
Overall it was an enriching experience for all the participants.