Report on National Mathematics Day Primary

The Indian mathematical genius Srinivasa Ramanujan was born on 22. Dec. 1887. It was in recognition of his contribution to mathematics, the Government of India decided to celebrate his birthday as the National Mathematics Day.
To celebrate this day in school following activities were done in classes I to V :
I           -           Shape Magic
                                    Fitting two triangles into a variety of inset shapes.
II          -           Geometrical pin board.
This game is played with a wooden board, 8 wooden pattern cards & many colourful rubbers bands.
Children made different patterns using rubber bands.
III        -           Making different mathematical shapes using origami sheets by cutting & folding
IV        -           Tangram – Making different patterns using tangram pieces
V         -           Essay writing on ‘Importance of mathematics in everyday life   
Also, a model assembly was presented in which the students of
class V covered the following points with the help of their class teacher Mrs Bani Bhakhry Dua :-

  1. Importance of digits – explained with the help of ‘digit song’.
  2. Logic that exist in Arabic algorithm as “why 1 is called ‘one’ and 2 is called ‘two’?
  3. Mathematics is a combination of :-

M        -           Memory                                M        -           Mind
A         -           Ability                                   A         -           Attention
T          -           Talent                                   T          -           Trick
H         -           Hard work                            I           -           Intelligence
E          -           Enthusiasm                           C          -           Capacity
S          -           Sincerity


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