Computer Activity Class 1st, 2nd AND 3rd


OBJECTIVE OF THE ACTIVITY: The activity was ‘coloring the parts of computer by using given color codes’ inside the classroom on that particular day. I planned this activity because the children get involved in this type of activity which is more interesting to them. This activity is a part of innovative teaching methodologies which involves students in the teaching process.

DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY: The students brought colors with them. They have to color the parts of computer with the specified color codes. From this activity they have learnt about different parts of computer and were able to identify the parts of computer to do the mentioned color.

1- Monitor- Blue
2- Modem- Yellow
3- System Unit- Black
4- Mouse- Red
5- Speaker- Green
6- Printer- Grey/ Green
7- Keyboard- Orange

The students who didn’t bring colors, I asked them to share with their friends. All the children were enjoyed doing this activity. They have learnt a lot form this, firstly about parts of computer and secondly sharing things with their friends.

I judged the students on the following things:

• Involvement in the activity
• Content usage
• Making the best use of the limited resources

• Pleasant sound level in the class
• Creativity shown by the student
• The child’s emotional aspect which is sharing and caring for his or her friends
• The child’s mental and physical aspect for the particular activity.

CONCLUSION: I was successful in making the children involve in the activity, learn from the activity and enjoy while doing the activity. These three things I covered while conducting this computer activity.


Mrs. Vadnana Gupta
(TGT Computer Science)

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