Energy Conservation Day

Energy conservation means making an effort to reduce the consumption of natural energy sources like electricity, water and so on.
We depend on energy for almost everything in our lives. Most of us forget that energy is available in abundance but it is limited and hence to maintain the quality of life, it is important that we use our energy resources wisely. Thus, 14 December is celebrated as World Energy Conservation Day.
To celebrate this day, Eco club florets (students of class V) with the help of teacher organized a rally in primary section on 11 December 2014. With the help of rally, they made other students aware about the importance of conserving the more energy by using less energy. They went to various classes, and educated them when and how they can conserve energy.

Some of the points are as follows:-

1. Instead of normal tube lights use energy efficient bulbs.

2. Turning of all electronic devices when not in use.

3. Replacing or repairing of leaking faucets helps in saving a lot of water.

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