Diwali Mela – 2014

Air Force Sr. Sec. School in association with Florets The Eco Club of school had organized Diwali Mela on 21.10.2014. Various fun filled games with food stalls were kept to entertain students. A day before Diwali Mela, 20.10.14, various competitions were also organized by Florets – The Eco Club for different classes as listed below :-

1.      III - Paper cut out
2.      IV - Diya Decoration
3.      V - Card Making Competition
4.      VI - Home made sweet making competition
5.      VII - Chaat Street Competition
6.      VIII - Rangoli Making Competition
7.      IX & X - Door Hanging Making Competition
8.      XI & XII - Slogan Writing Competition

Winners from all the categories received prizes for showing their talents.

The message that we should celebrate Diwali with Diyas & Candles not with crackers went across to the children and they celebrated Diwali in an Environment friendly way.

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