25 Mar 2015

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One of the most abundant invasive species in the United States is the nutria,
Order Online Authentic Shoes Air Jordan 4 Retro White Cement, a rodent introduced to the eastern United States. This mammal is native to South America and lives in wetland ecosystems. Since nutria eat the roots of marsh grasses and dig large burrows near rivers,
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Another disruptive mammals is the feral pig,
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Florida has 14 invasive bird species that have created established populations within the Sunshine State. One of the most prolific introduced birds in Florida, the monk parakeet,
Cheap Authentic Womens Shoes Air Jordan 5 Grape 2013, grows up to 1 foot long. Two closely related birds to the monk parakeet both introduced to Florida are the white winged parakeet and yellow chevroned parakeet. The monk parakeet has also established populations in Texas,
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, these birds are highly social,
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South Florida is also home to invasive reptiles such as the green iguana and Burmese python. Both reptiles are native to the tropical jungles of Central America and South America. Green iguanas and Burmese pythons were introduced to South Florida as pets,
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The ecosytems of Guam have suffered from the introduction of brown tree snakes in the mid 20th century. The brown tree snake’s introduction has resulted in depleted populations of native small mammals and birds. Also,
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The sea lamprey is an invasive species of the Great Lakes region,
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Another introduced fish is the blue tilapia. This fish’s range in the United States extends from Florida to Texas,
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The Wildlife Society Western Section,
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